Chainalysis and Deloitte Join Forces to Strengthen Blockchain Tracking Compliance

Summary of Article

  • Chainalysis and Deloitte have formed a strategic alliance to offer comprehensive solutions and services for digital asset data and analytics.
  • The collaboration will leverage Chainalysis’ proprietary blockchain dataset and Deloitte’s forensic and investigative services.
  • The alliance aims to offer customers with cryptocurrency risk management, analytics, investigation, anti-money laundering/know your customer (AML/KYC) processes and regulatory compliance.

Chainalysis & Deloitte Alliance

Deloitte, one of the renowned “Big Four” accounting, consulting, and professional service firms has joined forces with Chainalysis this week. The strategic alliance is focused on providing comprehensive solutions for digital asset data and analytics. Through this collaboration, Chainalysis will provide its exclusive blockchain dataset and analytics software along with training programs for the shared clients. On the other hand, Deloitte will utilize its forensic, investigative services to help customers manage their compliance programs.

Purpose of Alliance

The primary purpose of this alliance is to enable customers in cryptocurrency risk management, analytics, investigation, anti-money laundering/know your customer (AML/KYC) processes as well as regulatory compliance. This partnership between two prominent organizations will ensure that they are able to offer specialized services tailored according to their clients’ needs. Moreover, it will also allow Deloitte practitioners to get trained in using Chainalysis products which are designed for blockchain analytics and investigations.

Comment From Chainalysis

Thomas Stanley who is the President & Chief Revenue Officer at Chainalysis spoke about the development saying that their customers need access to high-quality tools that enable them to track suspicious activity across various blockchains quickly & accurately so that they can take necessary steps against any fraudulent activities that could potentially harm their business operations & trust among consumers & partners alike. He further added how through this collaboration both parties are set out on a mission together wherein they aim to provide their clients with efficient solutions which would then lead them towards achieving success in managing risks associated with digital assets transactions for organizations across different sectors such as financial institutions or government entities etc.,

Conclusion This partnership between two major players in the industry is likely going to benefit businesses by strengthening their control over tracking suspicious activities while ensuring compliance with regulations related to digital assets transactions at the same time. It is yet another example of how leading technology companies are collaborating with traditional financial institutions in order make sure there is better transparency within the industry while also adhering to applicable laws & regulations worldwide accordingly

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