Dogecoin Jumps 8%, Bitcoin Plunges Below $23K

• Dogecoin surged 8% after Elon Musk’s recent announcement on Twitter, while Bitcoin dropped below $23K.
• Most other altcoins are also in the red today, with Dogecoin being the top performer.
• January 2023 has been a great month for Bitcoin, as it rose from $17K to almost $24K.

Dogecoin Jumps 8%

Dogecoin pumped almost immediately after Elon Musk’s most recent announcement regarding Twitter. This resulted in an 8% surge for the cryptocurrency and put it at the top of today’s performance list among altcoins.

Bitcoin Slips Below $23K

After failing to break past the $24,000 mark yesterday, bitcoin took a dive and dropped by over $1,500 at one point. This sent BTC below its previous high of mid-August 2022 and brought its value down to around $23,000. Despite this dip in price however, January 2023 is still en route to becoming bitcoin’s best performing month in over a year as it rose from about $17,000 at the start of the year.

Altcoins In The Red

Most altcoins have followed bitcoin’s lead today and have ended up in the red too – just like they were yesterday before Dogecoin started surging upwards.

January A Success For Bitcoin

Despite today’s drop in price for bitcoin, January 2023 is still set to become its best performing month since August 2022 as BTC has risen by 40% since the start of 2021.

Dogecoin Emerges As Top Performer

Following news on the Twitter front, Dogecoin emerged as today’s top performer amongst all altcoins by jumping 8%.

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