XRP Plunges 8%: Is a Crash Below $0.4 Imminent?

  • Ripple’s price is currently hovering near a crucial support region which consists of both the 200-day moving average and the $0.41 price zone.
  • On the daily chart, it’s apparent that after the recent weeks of rejection, the price has arrived at a strong support area.
  • On the 4-Hour Chart, Ripple’s price has formed an ascending channel.

Analysis of Ripple Price

Ripple’s current price is near a critical support region consisting of the 200-day moving average and the $0.41 mark. A breach below this level can potentially cause a significant downturn toward its descending trendline. On the daily chart, it is evident that after facing recent rejections, it has arrived at a strong support level. Meanwhile, on its 4-hour chart, Ripple’s price has established an ascending channel. However, its current position faces a major support level at $0.41 which could potentially trigger either consolidation or bearish sentiment over the market.

200-Day Moving Average Support Region

The 200-day moving average serves as an important indicator for predicting potential long-term trends for cryptocurrency prices. It appears that XRP is currently hovering around this specific region in order to find some form of stability before making its next move either up or down in terms of value. A successful hold above this point could indicate bullish sentiment over the market and could lead to further gains towards $0.56 resistance level in mid-term trends.

Ascending Channel Formation

In addition to this key support region, XRP seems to have formed an ascending channel on its 4-hour chart with minor supports at $0.48 and a major one at $0.41 respectively, signifying that buyers are actively attempting to keep it afloat by providing each other with demand signals during significant bearish pressures such as this one faced today by XRP holders and traders alike.

Critical Support Level

As previously mentioned above in reference to its 4 hour chart analysis; XRP now stands at a critical crossroads where if buyers fail to provide additional liquidity when needed then we may be looking at a possible crash under $0.4 which could result in increased bearish sentiment over short term trends for XRP markets across all exchanges worldwide where it is being traded currently .


In conclusion , we can see that XRP is currently held captive between two crucial points ; The 200 day moving average & 0 . 41 USD , both acting as strong pillars of defense against any further downside movements while buyers still attempt to keep their hand on deck until they can successfully push prices upwards again and towards more profitable areas . Only time will tell , however , how things will turn out for those investing in XRP so far .

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